Top AngularJS Interview Questions

Angularjs is a popular framework to develop single page web applications

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Top Interview Questions On Angularjs

1) What is dependency Injection?
2) What are cookies, localstorage and sessionstorage and what are the basic differences between these?

Cookies and localstorage in angularjs is having the same behaviour but the localstorage is more convinient or comfortable to use in Angularjs as angularjs provided several functionality to use localstorage. and Cookies and localstorage persist until we delete them. Sessionstorage automatically gets deleted when we close the tab or window of the browser.

3) How to share data between two or more controllers?
4) What is routing and explain which you would prefer to use and why?
5) What is the difference between services and factory?
6) How $digest cycle work in AngularJS?
7) What is the limit of watchers in AngularJS?
8) What is the difference between setTimeout in javascript and $timeout in AngularJS?
9) What is the difference between ng-bind and ng-model?

ng-bind is an One way Data binding where ng-model is a Two way Data binding

10) What is the difference between $stateProvider and $routeProvider?
11) What are filters in AngularJS?
12) How to create custom directive, custom filters, services or factory in angularjs?